Jan 25, 2011

I should include some information about where we are...and what that all means … (just incase you are like me who cannot or could not say Arnhem Land correctly and made noises that sound like almond land for example) there is much to say but for starters here are some links
This is where we are

(we live in neal..as kade pointed out – N.E.A.L … north east arhem land..funny)

This is where we work

And this is the town we live by


or the area


(our new favourite is the Nhulunbuy Noticeboard – a facebook page swarming with information and bargains in the local community)

Basically, and this really is basic as I have much to learn.. so briefly! - the Yolngu people, to whom this area is their ancestral homeland,  have been in this part of Australia for tens of thousands of years, their culture is strong, their language and tradition is strong, their art is strong, they are strong. Their first contact with white people was in the 1930’s. There is no stolen generation but there is heartache and alcohol has affected their society. In the 1970’s a rio tinto mine processing bauxite was established. The workers of the mine, and their families, live in the township of Nhulunbuy. It has about 4000 residents with a hospital, supermarket, schools , golf course etc..all the things we white people like..
The impact that white culture has had on aboriginal indigenous culture has much been discussed and documented and I am in no position to make judgement or comment so I won’t. But of course, now that I live here, I cannot ignore the situations I see in front of me and as I learn, to remain impartial to the real people who live here

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