Mar 8, 2013

AND  - if you are NOT at Nonngirrnga's show then you should be at the Chutney Club Preserve Championship ! Its on as part of Melbourne Bikefest Village Picnic this Saturday at the Abbotsford Convent and after ten years of the club this is the first ever competition - i am so sad to be missing it and my lovely CC member's faces and laughter too ....

check out the details here

and here

and here

enter if you dare !

Mar 6, 2013

Kade is heading to Melbourne this weekend with his yapa and ngandi Nonngirrnga for her first ever solo show .. check the details here
She is a great lady who lived in the yolngu world before white man came along - she paints most days outside my new print space window and I can hear her grinding her teeth constantly
if you are in melbs and can, go along to check it out or her out or kade out ... or something ...