Jan 13, 2011

thunder and lightning

..and everyday a different mob turn up .. today there were five and they came with a mud crab to cook

there was the most terrific terrifying storm this afternoon which sent the power out for 3 hours. Iggy and I saw the lightening hit the ground just outside the house, I got the biggest fright so then spent the rest of the storm pacing the corridor feeling freaked out .. as soon as it passes though the world is calm and it is as if nothing happened .. strange place this

since we had no power to cook dinner we put some sausages on the barbie and I made a salad of raw carrot beetroot and apple which turned out to be one of the BEST salads I’ve made in forever …goes to show how necessity is the mother of invention, or something

the last few days have been really difficult with iggy sick and miserable, this morning we ended up taking him to emergency - which is always the best way to get a child better again - however it didn’t work. Tonight he has finally come right (I can tell coz he’s got the vacuum cleaner out)
After 5 days it is such a relief, I was beginning to get quite down bout it

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