Feb 4, 2011


first big week of school - everyday! sailor is horrified! every morning "what? again mum?"
tuesday was our hopeless day for the week (there is one every week i'm sure)
i woke up sick, 
kade went fishing at 5am and caught nothing (this is not so hopelessly bad but deserves a small mention)
iggy had his third day of childcare. I was called at 1230 to come collect him as he hadn't stopped crying (poor baby)... thou to be honest, he was fine when i got there and didn't seem remotely traumatised .. possibly the staff were the traumatised ones... I had been at work all morning feeling ill so secretly i was thankful to have a reason to leave and so took iggy home and shamelessly watched movies from the couch all afternoon ...
but then - hopeless day -  we got a call from the school office asking where we were and why no one had come to pick sailor up from school....?  I am not too sure what deep emotional scars this may have on our sensitive sailor, that remains to be seen, but he somehow didn't get on the bus and so while kade and i were happily unaware he was waiting anxiously for a familiar face to arrive at school and none did ... in the end di and will picked him up and brought him home where he told me he was not OK and missed us and that we would have to come and put him on the bus from now on...
SO poor iggy! poor sailor! bad mummy! bad daddy! 

the week has improved much since then and iggy has fared better at creche and sailor has been picked up everyday and dropped off most mornings too (which is mostly due to not having the morning skills to be ready for the school bus at 720am)
And i have had three days in the print room with di and am happy happy happy
i am also embracing the frizz  (thanks pen x)

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  1. Oh dear Sailor...! Oh dear Iggy..! Apart from this..everything else about your new home looks AMAZING..!
    And Annie..love love the frizz.