Jan 13, 2011

Day two

That was yesterday and right now it is raining and it is hot but not too hot. It is sticky but not too sticky. I like this heat, there are ceiling fans in every room and the sea whips up a breeze that even got me feeling cold last night   …  there are mosquitos that swarm iggy and me when we step outside and ignore sailor and kade … we went for a walk along the beach and kade bravely caught a crab and splashed around … I am remaining sensibly onshore for now ….

Tomorrow morning he is going spear fishing with young will … could be the last we see of him  ha

Binga Binga takes off and runs around the streets as she likes, roaming. When she gets hungry she returns to get food (outta iggy’s wee hand as he tries to eat it himself mostly). Today she got three of his biscuits much to his distress… but now he thinks that what you do. Sailor frets about her all the time !  She hasn’t come home tonight …

Kade went out today to cut down trees for carving. He returned with blood scratches on his legs and arms, sweat dripping from every pore, soaked thru shirt…. and a smile as wide as a crocodiles. Possibly he has the best job in the world …second to mine of course.

I forgot to mention my hair has gone frizzy

I am feeling very inspired

These two things are not related.

the neighbourhood

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