Jan 25, 2011

tuesday 25 jan

Sailor started school today! Transition (or charmingly known as 'tranny' in true aussie style) .. he was so excited he wore his school uniform all day yesterday after we picked it up and was up out of bed this morning, dressed at 730 .. totally unheard of! I did have some fears he might find it overwhelming and take some convincing to go to the classroom but when the school bell rang i couldn't find him anywhere and was frantically searching (late on the first day-  imagine!) Finally i found him inside, with 4 boys, playing lego and he hardly looked my way as i said goodbye.. 
so much for those tears! 

Iggy also started daycare at yirrkala and i started work! ... big day for everyone. Work mostly consisted of talking with the staff, making coffee and trying to commit to memory the 121 artists in the print space and their many varied and wonderful prints.. easy!
this is my print space
kade at work

Tomorrow is Australia Day ... the arts centre is open despite it being a public holiday and as Andrew point-ely pointed out; hardly the best holiday to take considering ...
Kade does have the day off thou after Will insisted, so we are thinking of taking the boys and friends to a beach for a beach fire and maybe try to master that damper
(that damn damper!) 

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