Jan 13, 2011

Today we went to duliwoi bay with a crew from the arts centre, rachael and dave with their divine daughter ….. We had young bulmirri and another young kid learning the filming ropes so we went to the jungle and filmed watjumi and her friend cutting down stringy bark (which is what the artists paint on) A task indeed in the heat of the day
Kade and sailor got to stand on the roof of the car and so they were happy.
check out that tree ..

After that we went to the bay, made a fire and cooked damper in the hot sand (eaten with maple syrup, delicious) We watched, and joined in, as the kids splashed in the water and the crocodiles swam by .. it’s enough to make me have anxiety attacks ..  what can you do though ... a hot 20 month old doesn’t comprehend the danger and certainly doesn’t like being taken out of the beautiful clear refreshing water by his anxious mother over and over ...

The indigeous kids swim in the water with total abandonment, jumping off rocks and swimming out in the depths so if they can  .. we can .. right?
(It is to be noted that none of the adults swim, or even splash around to cool off ..)
In anycase we didn’t get eaten and the family was covered in sand and happiness as we drove the track home
Nothing beats a day at the beach

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