Jan 25, 2011

new location

we have moved .. to Wallaby Beach, or Birritjimi. A small settlement past Nhulunbuy but before the mine ..it is lovely .. we have a view onto the beach which is gorgeous. There are about 25 houses, maybe, half of which face the beach and the other half face those that face the beach! One street..with a cul-du-sac at either end and about a hundred dogs! It is small and intimate and easy. When you walk to the beach you look right down at rocks and beach and a river far off in the distance ... but if you look left you see the mine.. (and at night it is lit up like the gold coast, makes you feel you are on the verge of a metropolition area ... you are not) such a juxtaposition)

Still it is beautiful (to the right) and across the road behind our house lives Araleun who works at the arts centre with her two girls Tanika and Mikaela, aged 13 and 8 .. Sailor and Mikaela are now inseparable.. and have been playing 24/7 since we arrived
We spent the whole weekend at the beach fishing, swimming and trying to cook damper in the local way (no luck) 
Iggy is happiest at the beach in the water, or sand, or chasing a dog around...but  last night we had 10 kids running around the front yard and iggy was in heaven

someone is missing a baby thou...

The wind is not so wild here, and the place has air conditioning so we can close the doors and it is silent. The first night here i was so pleased..all that howling noisy wind shall not be missed! We have all our boxes here too so occasionally we go digging for something we think we need and find along the way something we don't need but makes us happy to have, or happy to have survived the journey.

It's been awhile since i have managed to write and of course, much has happened ..it is common around here..i did break down on my way back from wallaby beach, mid move, with the boys..but we were soon rescued by Kade and now i have towed a car ..and a big trooper at that. The cars drop like flies around here and due to their rapid decrease we have been given a hire car, a dual cab ute. In melbourne this car would feel large and probably a bit cumbersome but after driving a trooper for three weeks it feels like it might blow away at the smallest gust..

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