Feb 22, 2013

meet Maralwuy 
our newest edition in the printspace ( yes, bad pun intended )

this is Ruby's  S U P R I S E  baby girl who turned up on the 7th Feb and gave everyone a shock
she is totally delicious and gorgeous and we are all madly in love with her 
now the  O M G  moment has passed ...

we'll soon have her inking up 

Sailor's acting career saw him and me flying to Sydney last week for a night shoot ...  ha!  The perks of being a stage mum ...
We flew down overnight on Tuesday and had four days in Sydney staying at Lucky's house with her sister Frankie and parents Sarah and Mike - which was awesome - Sailor was totally in love with their cat Bear who did us the honour of sleeping on our bed every night ... 

Thursday night we had the filming in a laneway area with a bunch of dressed up circus freaks which Sailor thought was tres cool - at about midnight it started to rain so we got to go home and after that we were off the hook to do what we really went to Sydney for and that was - to buy L E G O  

In between shopping we did get to go to Wild World - woo - and have a ride of the monorail and some other general mother son bonding activities before flying home on sunday 
I think, though I can't promise, that this is the last of Sailor's acting career - watch this space his debut is coming to a tv screen near you soon ... 

Feb 1, 2013

G O A N N A  L A G O O N 
A film crew came to town ... to make a music video for A Baru in New York by Gurrumul with Yolanda Be Cool ...  Frankie the director, Matt the producer and Geoff the DOP had their work cut out for them trying to get three kids to act in their video .. especially ours.. yup, thats right S A I L O R  has debuted in his first (and possibly last) film, the beginning and end to his acting career ! Alongside Gawiya and Liyawulumu he was filmed dancing swimming and playing in a variety of locations as two Yolngu kids opened the eyes of a inner city child to the magic of Arnhem Land (this being the premise for the clip)
The amount of bribery and coercion required to get him to behave was out of this world - I would have been screaming in frustration. No doubt the crew may have been on the inside but after four days they left with some footage and seemed happy enough. On sunday we took them all to Goanna Lagoon for some fresh water scenes and then to Oyster Beach where a huge storm rolled in. Big days and a big ask  but a big reward ( F A M E of course, oh and $150 each in payment! )

Geoff in the water filming 

sand on feet after Oyster Beach
Iggy on beach as the storm rolled in

Kade went to Wandawuy last weekend on a hunting trip with two guys from Melbourne.  They came to do the floors in the new building for free in exchange for time in Arnhem Land and for one guy a chance to hunt a buffalo, which he got. It was a little bit gruesome for my liking but luckily there was a Dhapi on at Wandawuy - a boy's initiation ceremony - so they got some culture as well as blood - and as an added bonus all the animals were eaten up by the attendees