May 31, 2011

art melbourne ...

photos of the hardest four days of my life ...!!

May 16, 2011

some photos of recent times
kade caught fish (at last )
 Dhapanbal and Gunybi in the printspace
 baskets in the gallery
 ladies weaving in our front yard

 jane and ruby in the printspace ... my elbow

and of course, iggy's birthday day ...

at the beach
eating paella on the fire
catching fish

and later birthday cake and candles

he had a great day , we all did and now he is TWO ...  and i am off to melbourne in less than 48 hours - super excited, super stressed, can't wait for it to be over ...

see you there!!!  C O M  E  - B U Y - M Y - P R I N T S !

May 15, 2011

the weather has changed ...  literally overnight, from wet, sticky and hot to cool and dry with wind. It is quite something. We have been turning off ceiling fans and using moisturisers and sleeping under sheets...the dry season is here. The water is cold, the skies are clear and the washing dries in a day! Quite something...

Tomorrow is iggy's birthday. He has hit turning two by dropping his day sleep (badbadbad) (hopefully a phase he will go back please) and a trip to emergency with a lump on his head the size of a tennis ball from a mysterious fall. We have had to take to shutting the doors in the house because otherwise you turn your back and he is G O N E ... and he is Q U I C K ... the other day i found him down at the shop pushing his little pink toy pram around - completely naked. He went down the back steps in the dark the other night and we had a moment rushing around tripping over things and possible snakes till we found him.
He's a runner.

Today we are going to have a beach side fire and picnic, I have made a cake and some cupcakes which once again has confirmed that despite all my best intentions and blind belief that i can do it, baking really is not a strong point ....
 mutant cupcakes

i will post some photos later of the b-day boy

May 11, 2011

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its been awhile ...  mostly due to being super busy at work and never a moment to get to the computer once home ... it has been hijacked by the kids to watch movies ... they are at the beach at the moment ....

kade went to melbourne and came back with a cold, but happy to have seen his mates and celebrate the northcote royalty wedding, lucky fella...saw some photos of glowing happy folk so that was something at least ...

we had a quiet weekend the three of us mostly including a school fair and walks and beach and baking ... it was somewhat destroyed on the sunday afternoon with a break-in by some KIDS who took the liberty of stealing money, beer and smashing eggs on the floor...not a good thing to come home too but something that was easily punishable since rob had seen the little thieves from his balcony and run down to confront them .. i had seen them as i left and even thou they managed to spend the forty bucks in an instance at the shop (on lollies - the innocence) I did manage to recover a light beer hidden in the pandanus tree behind the house ..(hee hee) ... an interesting part of paradise and unfortunately a common occurrence in these parts ... due mostly to boredom and the culture of humbugging i think .. still sucks a great deal when it happens to you.  Nothing of major value stolen - the laptop and mobile phones untouched but for some reason that broke my glasses so now i am blind until melbourne, THAT is annoying....

the kids are now banned from the art centre (punishment indeed) until they do some community service for me in the printspace .. so far, out of nine, i have had three turn up to pay their dues ...

Last week we had the great Basil Hall of Basil Hall Editions in Darwin turn up to make three etching plates to take to melbourne next week - we got to learn the way of the etching plate and produce some beautiful lovely delicious small artworks by Nyapanyapa and Barrupu and later, Will and i got to etch one for Gulumbu which will make a series of three for us to print and sell onsite at art melbourne ...
Was a great busy week with Basil - we even made it into the PAPER where Ruby and I feature alongside Basil who due to a clerical error (?) was called BARRY HALL... funny!

 with nyapsie
 with etching plate
 and barrupu

the kids are back from the beach so ... one week to go!

May 1, 2011

Kades been learning the art of hunting crayfish ...
you go out late at night and spear them on the waters edge
last night he saw crocodile tracks at the river and a turtle coming ashore to lay her eggs
little bit spooky but worth it ...

one word ... Y U M

Sailor and me went to darwin on wednesday to get his arm checked - we sped to the shopping mall for some frantic shopping and then the hospital where he got bored, a new cast and a balloon animal
and a platypus...
plane views

we couldn't get on a flight back home that night so we stayed at a friend's place where once again we got up at 430am to get on the flight home (this is the third time we have done this to them - possibly the worst house guests ever )

Iggy has been having fashion moments all week - this was his outfit on friday - wrestler meets japanese girl....
he really has the legs for this kinda outfit

another long weekend ahead and then countdown to melbourne for kade .... he goes to a friends wedding on friday, back monday and I am only 18 days away from the art fair ...( slight welling panicky feeling) ...

There has been a documentary maker in yirrkala this week - a guy from brazil who used to the minister for something-a-rather and is now an avid world music fan. He is now flying around the world with his film crew filming indigenous music. Tonight they are having a concert at the church so we are going O U T  ..heh heh

(and thats funny because going O U T consists of walking down the back door and across the road)