Oct 27, 2012

Luke and Anita come to visit us on their way to nyc ...
we took them camping at Cape Arnhem 
there was a nice sunset 
some oysters, some rock pools
some visitors
Iggy points out the fish
Sailor spears them
Or that is the idea anyways ...
they stayed a week and I managed to take no photos after that aside from
these where Luke is teaching the art of bread making to wee Iggy
we had loads of delicious homemade sourdough bread !
(until the oven broke)

another Charles and Iggy photo shoot

we have so many photos of these two playing together on beaches tis ridiculous

Oct 9, 2012

well ya wouldn't believe it but we went out on the boat to an island paradise on the weekend, 
yep, saw dolphins, swam, drank some wine etc etc blah blah blah
this time we took some guests - 
including the glamourous Bianca
Danny the volunteer and Jamie
 Bec and Bo
and Liyawulumu too, of course
but he counts pretty much as family these days
on the rocks

was pretty nice I suppose 

Oct 5, 2012

kade and his family

I haven't had a chance to blog about the art centre extension ... which is happening N O W and will hopefully be finished in 6 months.  There is also going to be two new granny flats which can be accommodation options for visitors ( so we can put people up but not in our homes anymore )

The inside of the art centre has shrunk while the construction is going on - Kade and Will are now
down in the museum and the guys are out the back of our house burning, tripping and sanding
The print space is untouched at this stage but soon it's roof is gonna be ripped off
so, ya know, building chaos
we are just working around it, dealing with it and coping (mostly)  
Sailor and Iggy don't mind coz they now have a new private huge skatepark 
right out the back of their house