Apr 30, 2015

Recently the lovely Marnie O'Bryan approached me to write an article for the online UNESCO E-Journal about the Yuta Project which we did back in 2012 with Sean Smith.  
The journal is best explained by this blurb from the online site

'  The UNESCO Observatory refereed e-journal is based within the Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne, Australia. The journal promotes multi- disciplinary research in the Arts and Education and arose out of a recognised need for knowledge sharing in the field. The publication of diverse arts and cultural experiences within a multi-disciplinary context informs the development of future initiatives in this expanding field. There are many instances where the arts work successfully in collaboration with formerly non-traditional partners such as the sciences and health care, and this peer-reviewed journal aims to publish examples of excellence.
Valuable contributions from international researchers are providing evidence of the impact of the arts on individuals, groups and organisations across all sectors of society. The UNESCO Observatory refereed e-journal is a clearing house of research which can be used to support advocacy processes; to improve practice; influence policy making, and benefit the integration of the arts in formal and non-formal educational systems across communities, regions and countries.  '

Here is the article ... but before I claim any glory the truth be told that it was the equally lovely Denise Salvestro who actually wrote the article - I did a basic essay and she made it all professional sounding in a way I could never ...   


(to locate the article go to Volume 4 , Issue 2 and find the title 'Yambirrpa - Yuta etc'  ) All the artwork for the journal are the prints made during the Yuta Project.