Jul 29, 2012

 self saucing chocolate pudding  F A I  L
 igs and me
  i did a tie - dye class  ( makes me think of Dell )
jack fruit tree
( this ones for you Donald )

cat corey ela and obi 
came to visit

corey caught a big tuna fish
(the end)

we packed the bags and obi into the car and went camping at cape arnhem
it was windy
and the tide was high


next day we did some swimming and lounging
there was a king tide so we had to wait until 4 o'clock to drive back
along the sand, we went a little early and almost
got bogged .... 

on tuesday
we went for an afternoon dinner and a swim at goanna lagoon


Kade got to go to Santa Fe in New Mexico for an exhibition with Djambawa and his wife Kathy.
Santa Fe made a law back in 1957 hat that all new buildings must be built with ADOBE architectural style ... so the whole town looks like this ... even the Wal Mart
this is an old town nearby
with adobe architecture
amazing landscape

this is where Georgia O'Keefe painted

he also got to go to a Native American POW WOW weekend with an art and craft market

Jul 11, 2012

Y I D A K I    I N   R U B B I S H   B I N

this was my view at work on tuesday 
sounded good too, something to do with the echo

Jul 8, 2012

kade has gone to an exhibition in Santa Fe in the U S of A  for two weeks which leaves us three on our own-some ... we went to the skate park in town with the dog ... that was sunday ...