Jan 13, 2011

Thursday...day three?

We drove into Nhulunbuy in a tropical thunder storm … heavy heavy rain just pouring out of the sky, maybe not the best timing as we seemed to follow it into town rather than see it pass.. and then on arrival the power went out in all the shops so any intentions to go “shopping” were thwarted ( I had planned a big spend up in the fabric shop). Poor sailor ran straight into a pole to escape the rain and got a lump on his head the size of an egg and then iggy vomited on the driveway when we got home….  Not the most successful of trips
(but there is an OP SHOP! and I discovered a fabric shop too …. So things are better than expected)

The power is on again now and iggy seems better though the poor thing has had a few days of out of sorts, a big temperature all day and night yesterday and now gastro. I am sure it will pass but it is not reassuring to have a sick baby on your first few days in the tropics, my over-active imagination has him struck down by some strange tropical lurgy

On a good note…kade went spear fishing and caught this huge trevally

(he may have had some help)

And sailor rode his bike all the way to the arts centre and back… yelling I can pedal I can pedal

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