Oct 11, 2014

we went down to the beach to watch the moon turn red ....

Oct 3, 2014

we just got back from 5 days camping at Wathawuy - or Latram River -
its only 25 minutes drive from Yirrkala and so good!
we had the whole place to ourselves for the first three days

A Bower Bird had made his nest just next to the river bank 
quite an elaborate construction with all sorts of silver bits lining the 
entrance.  We spent lots of our time watching him as he tried to
lure in lady birds ....

Aside from that, and swimming, we did alot of camp cooking - including a slow roast lamb
( thanks for Bec and Jo turning up to help us eat that..)

and I made camp over scones ! With help from the boys
in the fire ... and out
cooked perfectly !  with jam of course ...
this is the kids favourite swimming spot - named 'the special spot '

somehow they ended up with matching outfits and 
did matching dance moves ...

the pack - up !

bucket of baby turtles

and emu
and dog

day trip

Sep 15, 2014


We went to Darwin on the 5th august for a week of things 
which happened so long ago I can hardly remember what they were ....
one thing - the opening of the Yirrkala Drawings at CDU
with a ton of dancers from here who performed the most amazing
bunngul and made amazing speeches 

waiting for the opening to start

two things - the opening of Yuta (New) at Nomad Art - a selection 
of our prints by our young printmakers. We had to do another talk

three things - DJ Marika's graduation from 

four things - the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
we had a stall, we sold some barks and poles and worked the weekend 

five - Godut and Rebecca got their hair braided ... !

where the talented Garawan Wanambi won the prize for best bark (see here)
we celebrated in style with pizza and soft drink on the balcony 
of their swanky apartment and took group photos
Godut and Rebecca with Yinimala (our chairperson at Buku) 
Gawirrin and his wife Manini
With Will and Kade
Will with DJ 

last thing - oyster and wine on the beach as the sunset, last night 

that was enough for one week ..