May 27, 2015

Kade went to London to meet the Queen ... actually to meet Prince Charles... well, actually to attend an opening at The British Museum with Wukun Wanambi and Ishmael Marika. It just so happened that Prince Charles opened the exhibition so he did get to met him. ha! He said he was a 'lovely chap' (very British of him!) Prince Charles did manage to charm everyone there and Wukun got his photo in the newspaper having a chuckle with him.
Wukun and Ishamel sang and played yidaki for the opening night 
kade worn a cravat and drank warm pints of beer to fit in ...
jolly good show

May 23, 2015

We recently had another holiday - a trip to NZ to visit the whanau and then to Melbourne to see friends and more family .. it was nice ! it was great actually - we loved seeing everyone and loved being at the 'bach' ... everyones got some new kids or the ones they had last time are all bigger and greater ... it was really frantic trying to see everyone and we missed out on some, sorry ... anyhow - heres some choice shots ..

Then Kade took Sailor and Iggy back to school and I stayed on and escorted the gorgeous Nongirrnga and her daughter Marrnyula for a week in Melbourne.  Marrnyula's grandson Charles come down with them  - his first time in a big city - and together with his felted rainbow coloured cowboy hat we attended his great-grandmothers opening at Alcaston Gallery. went to the zoo and did a workshop at the VCA printmaking studios with the unstoppable Adrian Kellett.