Apr 15, 2016

OK so this is the last post for Almond Land ...

its taken while for me to admit it - and possibly accept it, but we have left Arnhem Land and are now back in Melbourne ... it was a decision made and one that I am glad we did but i miss yirrkala, arnhem land, my people, my girls and the art, culture, the blue sea, the oysters, the crocodiles, the damper, the driving, the adventure .. the list goes on ..

but another chapter begins ...  another door opens for us .. and we are excited for the future - although I probably won't worry about a blog this time ! But you never know ... depend what happens ...

Thanks for tuning into my little blog, its been an amazing five years and despite its certain challenges one I am so so so glad to have had.

nhama yalala bukmak


Jan 16, 2016

G A N G A N 

ahhh Gangan, the furthest away homeland from Yirrkala and home to many a great artist and people... one of the first homelands I ever visited and one the loveliest places in the world

with the wonderful Yinimala and Gunybi (who gave us a beautiful 
painting each as a departure gift)
with Malaluba, another great artist. (and my hair, which seems
to have gone a bit crazy after the swim)

Jan 14, 2016

P I G   P A R T Y 

The annual pig on a spit continues - this time to celebrate Willow's first b'day and Sailor's tenth...

birthday girl 

watch out chicken, you're next

Jan 11, 2016

A N D  I made a catalogue ...

(in record time)

heres a couple of pages .. happy to send signed copies ... ha 

Jan 10, 2016

There was an exhibition to celebrate 20 years of printmaking at Yirrkala as part of the TARNANTHI Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art - which was held in Adelaide and launched in October.

We all travelled down for the exhibition opening at the gallery - a big mob of us - Kade, Will, Wukun, Ishmael, Dindirrk, Mawang and Marrnyula and were joined there by all the important and wonderful contributors and supporters of the print space - we made a big party!

some photos from the opening -with singing and speeches and sushi ...
with Denise and Dianne
Marrnyula, Dindirrk and Mawang
Don and Will
Gawiya and Siena on sushi 
prints from the Yunupingu sisters
prints from the Yuta Project
prints from the Young Ones Portraits ...
our crew on the streets of Adelaide ...
Kade and Don, swanning about 

We also participated in all the amazing and great events that were opened over the week as part of the festival - different exhibitions, talks and the art fair - we even got to meet the mayor !
Wukun and Kade before the Major meeting ...
Art Fair set up

Mawang and Dindirrk with a map
with Nyapanyapa's work  at the Gallery of South Australia
It was a great celebration to be a part of - the festival was wonderfully 
executed and there was no shortage of amazing art to look at.
Marrnyula and I did a curator talk at the exhibition
(The exhibition of the the selected 96 prints from 20 years of 
printmakinglooked very impressive if I do say so myself! hah ).
and got miked up to do a talk at the gallery of SA as part 
of a panel of speakers (nerve wracking!)
I look quite calm here but I was terrified!

The exhibition has now been picked up by ArtBack NT and they plan on touring it until 2020 (!)  so if you live in Australia - keep an eye out - it could be coming to a gallery near you ...