Oct 28, 2011

N E W   T H I N G S

we have a new deck  - finished at last !  it is so great!  the house is transformed and so is our after work knock off light beer ... it is so hot here now and the house is like an oven so the veranda is our life saver for a bit of breeze and cool air ...
 this new deck is good

 but  E V E N  B E T T E R  is our new car!!!!!  
which deserves 5 exclamation marks !!!!!

we got a grant to get a new car and it finally arrived this morning  - for those lucky enough to experience our old troopy you will be impressed by the cleanliness of this and for those who missed out of that near death experience will be impressed to hear that this car has air-con, a radio, doors that O P E N, a handbrake that works! an inside light, petrol gauges that  light up when you actually out of petrol not just randomly, windows that ROLL DOWN without causing severe muscle strain, a glove box compartment lid, a F L O O R that isn't rotted away! high beams! i could go on ...  

lastly we got a brand new washing machine which doesn't really warrant a photo but NEW nevertheless and we have a lot of washing, its unbelievable

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