Oct 14, 2011

can relax ... i made it to sydney and back with nyapsie intact

We all went to her exhibition opening which was filled with her beautiful work
with nyapanyapa in attendance as a super art star ..  getting swooned over

with will

with dhalulu

after all that we were invited to roslyn's palace by the sydney harbour for food and wine and general sydney-art-scene madness/weirdness
all in a days work ...

then once that was all over i got to hang out exclusively with this adorable thing who is undoubtably winner of the most beautiful baby girl of 2011 competition, i am not biased either.

we bonded
this is richard parker and bear - an unlikely duo
 i also got to do some shopping for christmas - so organised - and eat delicious sour dough bread ( life's too short to eat bad bread - thank you sarah, so true) as well as over indulge in dumplings but best of all got to play canasta and drink wine and lounge about with this spunk ...
with a mum who has style like this - this little one really can't go wrong ...
(except for the clips ....!! )
as you can see

I returned to nhulunbuy on sunday night to my little darlings who missed me terribly of course  hah and the new relentless heat - the build up is here  and the heat is building  - second hottest day on record was on wednesday ... i have invested in a paddling pool for the boys which is also mine in the afternoons after work ... we have a new deck on the house (almost finished) which has taken ten months to arrange, two weeks to build and another month to finish ... tis the way it goes up here but still we can sit out there and it is perfect for this time of year ...

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