Oct 1, 2011

Last weekend we went to a funeral out in a homeland called Djarrakpi  - a four hour drive away and a beautiful spot - we camped for two nights and got very dusty, hot and dirty.  A visit to the A M A Z I N G beach nearby was paradise aside from a shark which leapt out of the water 5 metres from the shore as i walked down to brave a dip of my toes ... camp was fill with yolngu camping in true style - children galore ignored the baru (crocodile) sighting and warnings to keep away from the fresh water lake and leapt from the surrounding trees for a swim .. no one got eaten but still ... the fresh water lake was huge with looming sand dunes that rose out of the water. We caught trees frogs and lizards, watched a bit of the ceremony and generally felt a little awkward and unsure what we meant to do - at one stage i chased iggy down a road that was closed for secret men's business and later jane and i had to sit facing a certain direction as sacred objects were moved. There is a feeling of complete cultural unawareness as a white person in these situations - even will after 15 years still feels it... but wandering around asking questions is considered pretty rude so we just attempt to remain inconspicuous until someone who is in the know tells us what to do. 

 tent city

 fresh water lake
 jaffle from the fire

 beach with gawiya and boys



 fresh water lake

 water full up
 car packed to the brim
 river crossing

 billabong on side of road
 cycad forest

 we stopped on the drive home at a beautiful waterfall with three pools - trying to cool down and remove some of the dust and dirt

burnt out forest

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