Oct 28, 2011

Last night we were privileged enough to attend a special free performance by the Bangarra Dance Theatre!  The dance company has been in Yirrkala all week doing workshops with the school and other dancey things - they are a group of very nice people who have been in the arts centre every spare moment buying my prints -- yay -- 

They transformed the basketball court into a stage and performed Mathinna - the story of an aboriginal girl in tasmania - very sad of course. The dancing was so good, so good. I loved it.

We took the boys down at sunset and let them run around and around with the millions of other kids hoping that the exercise would wear them out enough to keep them still for the show - it worked for sailor who was almost asleep at the end but iggy was not so eager to relax and after he was returned soaking wet from falling in a hole we took turns trying to keep him out of trouble ...

aside from that usual iggy-ness,  the show was fantastic -  moving -  and also a little scary at parts ( for sailor especially the portrayal of the shooting and hunting down of the aborigines. He was overheard saying to himself 'its only pretend, its only pretend" )

and for us living so remotely, we feel at times that we miss out on things that happen in bigger places but having said that - it is amazing what things we do get to see up here and who does come to visit ...

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