Nov 21, 2011

its been awhile since the last post ... not much and alot has happened - the way things are up here ...
a few things that did happen  .. some photos to jog the memory

kade went to Sydney for sculpture by the sea with Nawurapu
mokuy on the rocks

we went to a gala dinner in nhulunbuy for the Chamber of Commerce, possibly the most adult thing I have ever done ...  there was a "fashion" parade by 'expressions' boutique  ( the fashion hub for town, if not in-fact the whole peninsula ) and some speeches. It was ... insightful ....   probably I would have enjoyed it more if I had a couple of glasses of wine but I was the sober driver ( and also incredibly hungover from the night  before ...)
all dressed up with somewhere to go
(we even made the social pages in the local rag ..hah!)

We took the boys treat'n'treating for Halloween with the other arts centre kids - Sailor got overwhelmed and refused to get dressed up and go walking the streets for sweets, Iggy was a somewhat willing  participant though really he had no idea who what where why.  Two houses in town went to town (ha) and created haunted houses to freak people out - seriously alot of effort went in - there was gravestones, freddy krueger, coffins, spiderwebs, creepy stuff, music, smoke machines - this totally freaked sailor out but iggy loved it ha!

however the major event recently was sailor's sixth birthday woop woop!  we had a party last sunday at the park with a cake, tug-o-war and what felt like 50 young boys (but was only about 8) running around - it was good wholesome fun.  and now sailor is SIX which seems impossible to believe
now T H A T ' S  a healthy meal 
casio dressed up as a super dog for the occasion
tug o war

other than that - things are cruising at work - it is hot here and the heat tires you out quickly, We have not managed to do much in between that is worthy much of a write up ... planning our end of the year when Kade flies to America on Boxing Day- all the way to Ketchum, Idaho and negative thirty degrees (!) F R E E Z I N G and thee boys and me fly to melbourne YAY and then new zealand YAY YAY

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