Oct 4, 2011

oh my  .. i am off to Sydney tomorrow with Nyapanyapa ... i am flying her down for her exhibition opening at roslyn oxley9 which is on thursday night ... i am responsible for nyapanyapa making it to sydney. I am underlining this because although i am certain it is going to be alot of fun flying down with this tiny small women who has been to my house everyday for the last four weeks asking if this is the day we fly to darwin (no nyapanyapa, not today and we are going to sydney)  it is also going be a little bit stressful incase I lose her.  I could lose her.  I won't lose her!  I just have to watch her and never let her leave my sight until she is safely delivered to Will and Dhalulu who speak yolngu and english unlike nyapsie and me who only speak one or the other ...
In anycase - her bags are packed - she has brought shoes for the occasion, socks, woolley jumper and a oversized quiksilver hoodie to fend off the cold- now finally after 4 weeks of waiting (i kid you not) she is ready to hit sydney art scene ...

also i get to see my LL and her Lucky   Y A Y     and they get to meet nyapasie  ... so that means that another person from my old world can meet this magical hilarious lady who paints the most amazing pictures from my new world (and maybe they can give me the words to describe her since i ain't got em ...)

fingers crossed

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