Sep 30, 2011

kade's parents arrived the weekend kade was away in alice - they stayed ten days and did a bit of beach, bit of bush, bit of footy grand final and a bit of spoiling their grandkids who, of course, loved it 
shady beach and the wind
goanna lagoon



swim and dinner on the fire

 full moon
rainbow cliff


 crusie boat comes for a visit to the art centre

djarrak verus gopu footy grand final 
 iggy at the match with his pink pram
 little bondi
sailor's coral world
iggy helps





  1. Look how long your hair is!


  2. Ditto what Dell said..!

    Loving the pics Annie. Loving Iggy's pink pram. He's as cute as can be.
    What a great life you and Kade are making for Sailor and Iggy..!
    Miss you ..xpen