Apr 25, 2011

The weather was crap when we arrived but soon cleared to a perfect day that mostly involved unsucessful fishing with Will and his family ...

thou we did catch a M U D SK I P P E R

possibly even cuter than a hermit crab

 speaking of hermit crabs - these ones were left over from lunch so got to crawl away to safety - run run!
there was a baru - crocodile - sunning itself across the bay
its that thing on the left  that looks like a log
later it disappeared back into the water ... 
(it was better when i could see it on the beach)

all in all the elements for a great easter sunday - fire - chicken - chocolate - chips - beach ... and another day off to follow ....  

we got home to the church revving up again - this time music and preaching late into the night - nearly midnight  - Good Lord !

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