Apr 1, 2011

Watjumi has set up studio in the hallway where she is painting a bark - the kids love it - sailor especially likes to paint on the floor with her and we get to see the time old process of this amazing traditional art. Iggy has the honour of his locks being used for a paintbrush (just a few strands tied up with cotton on a tiny  stick). This is how the delicate strokes are made. When i now see a full size Larrakitj and realise it has all been hand painted by this tiny brush it gives me a new respect ...

 the rocks (yellow ochre, red ochre and black) get rubbed on the stone with water and glue to make paint

check out the blog Kade has made for Buku - it links to the terrible website where you can see the barks and larrakitj and prints  - that is the process of being updated which it really needs ....

Ok gonna go find the in-laws who are lost in the arts centre somewhere ..

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