Apr 2, 2011

rain rain rain - another cyclone is forming over darwin and we have SO much rain it is insane
mould is growing on everything and i couldn't care less anymore
the relentless cleaning is so boring i have stopped
later -  when the wet season is over -

i drove to nhulunbuy the other night and got caught in the hugest storm .. i couldn't decide which was scarier - driving through the crazy rain in the dark or stopping on the side of the road and waiting in the crazy rain in the dark

i chose to drive, slowly

this place is always reminding you that you are alive by putting you in possibly dying situations

Last night kade's parents arrived with a suitcase of goodies from melbourne which is so good ...  good goodies ... yipee!    And babysitters too - hah!


  1. That kind of rain is incredible to watch from under cover.

    Relentless cleaning is boring. I grew up with that tropical mould and I think I am allergic to it. And that combination of hot and damp.

    How about an animation workshop in Sept/Oct? Is that still dry season? Just?

  2. JUST ... i will start pulling some strings oui? i miss your golden locks wrapping around my small toe and cutting off circulation x