Apr 23, 2011

E  A  S  T  E  R

we have five days off  - tuesday is a added bonus day with anzac day chucked in the end of easter break...
since i have already had two days off looking after sailor and then wednesday to darwin its like a mini holiday has appeared ...  yahoo
we had plans to go camping at cape arnhem over the long weekend but with sailor's broken arm that has been ruled out and of course, it has started raining again

The church across the road from our house - which is a massive open air building - is noisy at least two days a week with its worshipping but with easter on it has been music and preaching all day and all night  - they started at 8am this morning with their music that is played over loud PA just the right level to perpetrate our house with a muffled suffocating sound not dissimilar to elton john's cheesy lion king song but the words just seem to be holy holy holy repeated over the synthesiser and drum machine.  Not to mention they just drove through the village tooting their horn continuously while being followed by a parade of people including a yolngu jesus carrying a cross...
a odd sight indeed
this is a bad photo out of the window of the parade

so we have a big weekend planned to do NOTHING ...  kade is gonna go crazy  hah


  1. I'm officially a follower now....I thought you were calling your dog OFFICIALLY ..but then I read on..! I like the oversized raindrops and the croc in the ute and sailor on gas...sort of...hope it's ok in Darwin - the elbow that is, cause I just know the shopping will be AWESOME. may!x x

  2. yay! actually the dog has a new name - but we don't know quite what it is yet ... MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY !!!