Apr 18, 2011

i have been working like mad to get everything ready for the melbourne art fair in may - everything had to be packed and ready to get on the barge today ...
we ran out of paper on friday...

Last week we had two young bark painters make their first ever linocut print and in one case, their first ever ever ever print
The level of anxiety and excitement in the print space as I ran a test print through was intense. There was will, kade and the artists waiting with baited breath to see the outcome
(no pressure)

but worth it - both are really something beautiful  - all old and new together  -  now all i have to do is print 50 of each and get them to melbourne
(again with the pressure)

i roped in the earnest young nicolo who is visiting from florence, italy to help us print ... not bad for a first timer on the press and he managed to fix the darned thing when it started looking like it might be broken... which would be all i need

needless to say - the stress has mounted in the printspace and I have been feeling it - i am looking forward much to seeing my lovelies in melbourne in may but hope i just not too tired to enjoy it ...

anyone wanna help hang a show?

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to see you, I will get credit tomorrow.