Feb 4, 2011

Last weekend we went to middle beach, which despite its boring name is a most beautiful beach not far from yirrkala. We were joined by Watjumi (kade's yolngu sister) and her extended family .. babies, aunties, grandmothers who flocked to the rocks and collected oysters. Oysters are like gold around here - they are much discussed and much coveted - to have a bucket of freshly picked oysters in your hand is as good as a hundred dollars...better even. 

Will and his wife Dhalulu, his daughter Sienna and her friend Leila drove around in their boat so we were able to take turns and cruise over the island not far off shore and swim in the crystal clear waters there (even i swam..a bit)

Rachael, Dave and their one year old daughter Quilaavsuk (as hard to say as to spell) also came along and the kids had a great day chasing fish, swimming and playing. Sailor loves the beach and has an ability to make friends quickly and then boss them around (ha!) Iggy is off in his own world and wanders around with me in hot pursuit. I swear that kid is just going to spontaneously start swimming
 rachael and quilaavsuk
dave and sailor

beach scene

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