Feb 18, 2011

Every day when we get home to Wallaby Beach we are joined by a selection of the kids in the hood  - they flock to the house and ransack the joint - somedays it is totally too much but it does keep Sailor very happy and some of them are so great .. His main friends are Brandi, Christine and Francis. They are lovely - Christine is so like Sailor its amazing - they click on all levels - the main being their wild imagination.
 Francis and Christine (on the right)
 Christine ..with her shiny black shoes - such a bright girl

On tuesday Kade went bush to collect carving wood and returned back with the dirtiest car. Red dirt caked onto the windows so thick no one could see out.  On the drive home from work, Sailor got the idea in his head that it simply must be cleaned ( a moment of cleanliest - he doesn't usually apply this to anything else in his life) On arrival home, he rallied  up his friends and ordered them to help....

THE best time ever - cleaning the car ... ha! Should get them over to mop our floor!
I found a bike on the beach so I dug it outta the sand, washed it off and took Igs for a ride