Feb 9, 2011

We went out to town on saturday .. woot woot!  The sweet Tanika babysat the boys and we went for dinner.  Date Night. There are two options for dinner in Nhulunbuy - either the Walkabout Lodge or the Arnhem Club. We hadn't heard much good about either of them, and one has a topless ladies section so, we went to the Arnhem Club... maybe saving the Walkabout for another time, in about a year, or two...
There isn't too much really to write about this evening but it was fun-ish....we had dinner at Macassan's Restaurant which was not too bad, and then we played some pool in the bar area ... and then we went home. We saw some people we knew which was kinda good but maybe a little bad ... our reputation could be enhanced or ruined, hard to say...

 But oh! What a night out in Nhulunbuy really makes us realise is how we were so spoilt for choice in melbourne, and how little we realised...alas!  The food here is so so so so so so so expensive -  it all has to come in on a barge (no roads in from anywhere - well, there is one but it is impassable during the wet season) The barge only comes once a week, and so by the time the food reaches us in Gove it is a little...well, sad ... and double the price.  The wonderful food in melbourne that i took for granted - i am sorry! I was a fool! How i miss having all those amazing options now...alas! The Preston Markets - i miss you! The Mediterranean Warehouse - i miss you! Casa Iberica! The Deli! Sourdough Bread! The Dumpling House! boo hoo hoo!

So, as well from becoming DRY because we have no permit, we have also become VEGETARIAN because we simply can't bear to spend the money on the crappy cuts of meat here... even the price of the humble sausage is outrageous! The cheapest of all meat products!
I worry about what my dad will do when he comes to visit...
no beer, no sausages! he may never come...


  1. oh Annie..and I thought living in Bar Harbor in winter was bad? At least we had many jugs of margaritas at the local Mexican restaurant to get us through. From memory only 2 restaurants open during winter plus one cool as all hell bar..'The Thirsty Whale'.
    Hope your permit comes soon...!
    ps. You must be having some lovely fresh fish up there..?

  2. It is not that bad! Well...a little but yes, there is great fresh fish! Possibly i was going for dramatic effect! xA