Jun 11, 2011

well the PM came today for the much anticipated (and slightly over-rated) visit ... i must admit the whole thing was getting a little out of hand for me this morning but when the ceremony started I slowly began to feel amazed to be in the middle of such an event and began to enjoy myself ... I attached myself to the Mulka team and helped Jane on the boom so i had a great excuse to get up real close and see the faces of the Yolngu as they danced and chanted and watch julia's as she took it all in ...

some photos of the preparation
nyapanyapa and barrupu in Gumatj colours ready for the ceremony
yellow ladies

Dhapanbal!  so pretty!

cars galore

 kade, barayawa and whairoa all matchy matchy in Buku shirts
jane on the mic check one one two

people arriving - all bright and colour-co-ordinated

photos of the Rirratjingu Clan starting ceremony


PM arriving (she's the one with the red hair. hah)


moi on the boom

photos of the Djapu clan dancing (AMAZING dancing)

the yellow mob arrives (Gumatj Clan)


after the ceremony by the three clans on the receiving end of the rio deal we listened to speeches by elders and then by julia followed by a catered lunch after which she walked around and got in her car and  ... gone

(so despite will's relentless campaigning over the last week she didn't visit the arts centre but i have never seen it look so clean and tidy)

event over and like all big anticipated events we are now suffering from comedown

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