Jun 11, 2011

the comedown was so big after julia that i actually had to take thursday off work ... i was so exhausted physically and mentally, maybe even spiritually... i had a day in bed watching movies which is something i haven't done in easy 6 months,  possibly even 5 years
b l i s s

today is saturday and we are off camping tonight at Wandawuy with Watjumi's family. Our first camping trip! I am meant to be packing ...

Kade got a new coffee machine, a fully plumbed in Gaggia. It is totally ridiculous and over the top but makes THE BEST coffee so i no complain ... in fact i love it. And even Rob (our hardest critic) had to concede it made a beautiful coffee... so we both had to admit begrudgingly he was right .. drat

however,  it is his birthday coming soon and really, what do you get the man who has everything??

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