Feb 8, 2015

B R U M B Y    U T E 

We have just returned from a month in Aspen America!! woop woop !

Kade was approached to run the new gallery Brumby Ute : the brain child of Julie Harvey and Michael Liener (of Harvey Arts and Aurobora galleries respectively).  Located in downtown Aspen in the Ute Building  (more commonly known as the Burberry Building) the new gallery showcased 'The Barn Project' the second in a series of shows that combine both of Aboriginal Australian and American contemporary art - it's aim to "broaden the dialogue between traditional and contemporary art cultures by exploring connections and cultivating the common turf that continues to change and shift between artistic visions current in the art world. In doing so, The Barn Project’s mission is to highlight not only the universality of contemporary art but to emphasise the intriguing intersections as they emerge and take root." (from Harvey Art Projects)

In the photos you can see the Aboriginal Australian artworks curated with American artwork in a manner that simultaneously enhanced and elevated the work itself as much as the one next to it. It's an interesting and revolutionary concept. and i loved it.  It looked incredible.

Here the kids are hard at work .... 

After the Barn Project - on January 10 to be exact,  the Buku-Larrnggay Mulka show opened - huge works on boards and a forest of larrakitj  (hollow logs)
It looked very impressive and incredible - these photos don't really do it justice but trust me, it looked good
So while Kade was running the gallery and selling art as best he could, the boys and I had a month to wander the streets, the snow, the mountains and visit him and see how the other half live ... which was interesting.. Before though we went to Minnesota, but more on that in the next post ...

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