Feb 14, 2015

A S P E N 

After Minnesota - we went and joined Kade in the beautiful ski town of Aspen - located at the base of a mountain some 10000 feet right at the end of amazing drive from Denver through some spectacular scenery 
It was snowing when we first arrived and snowed for the first two weeks nearly everyday. We were in powder heaven - the kids went to work on snowball production and epic snowball fights.
In between we wandered through the town and stared (much like the tree above) at all the rich and famous who fly in by private jet for the Christmas Holiday Week ...

epic snow battle on Christmas Day

in the snow drifts


with Lonel Gray - Kade's comrade in Aspen
and soon adopted by Sailor and Iggy as theirs as well

for a week my parents joined us!  Which was great!  
We did a day trip to the hot springs (naturally occurring)
at Glenwood Springs (helped especially with all the
sore muscles from skiing..!)

iggy and one of his friendly lumps of snow
trying out ice skating ..

best pizza in town!
christmas day
my birthday
iggy makes a friend ...
there was a lot of stuffed animal heads in aspen - quite the decor
not too mention the animal skins on people ... 
NYE, meat and cheese- our favourite deli

bird watching at ACES
we also discovered ACES - the Aspen Centre of the Environment
which offered information about the flora and faun of the area - birds, beavers, elks, bears, cougars, coyotes! - it was a great centre and we went there a bit, might have had something to do with these guys too ...

we had a great little apartment located an easy walk from the town centre and gallery

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