Sep 20, 2012

we had the lovely Kate and Donald to stay  ...! 

Donald caught some fish
we took them to our island on the boat
sailor drove
a baby kanga came to visit
lunch on the deck
Donald with Sailor and Liyawulumu
they got to go hunt some honey
we went to Goanna Lagoon for a late swim and dinner on the fire
Kate did an animation workshop for the kids from the school with a makeshift animation machine than Donald made ( ... they are so clever ... )
Don and the dogs
and on their last day we went to Duliwuy Bay for some 
damper, tea and fishing and a swim at Turtle Beach
with Nonggirrnga and her hand line
Don with a spear
boys with pink nets
me casting off (badly)
damper making
damper eating
oyster collecting

( thanks to Kate for her photos x)

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