Sep 25, 2012

photos of recent 

 friday night disco dance moves
super heroes

last weekend was the primary school fete and 
we entered all the competitions
Iggy was SO excited - so much cake ! with lollies !
Sailor got 1st prize in the Kite Making competition
( which didn't actually fly but was the best to look at and home made )
He won the Up Up and Away in the Paper Plane competition ...
2nd in the scones ...
( these with the help of his wing man Liyawulumu btw
and possibly a bit from his mum )
I got a prize for my chocolate cake !
 ha !
sailor getting one of his prizes  (!)

kade also spent the best part of a weekend building the kids
a cubby house in the branches of a tipped over tree

they like it ... 

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