Jun 16, 2012

this is our campsite at Gangan
it's on the deck at the school house, just above the grass where we had a fire 
and away from the  E I G H T  buffalo Kade saw in the night just metres away
I am eating an apple with Michelle
and Iggy is eating weetbix and playing cars with Mel
we had an amazing weekend -  the hospitality and generosity of the Gangan community was wonderful - they took us fishing in their amazing rivers where Kade managed to catch some huge barramundi
this is the Gangan River ...
baby birds were found in a tree nest
and Sailor got to hold a terrified water snake
tractor ride

At another river the freshly caught fish was cooked in a hangi-style camp oven
First old termite mound was heated in the fire, once hot it was then stuffed it into the gills of the fish and surrounded by vegetables and two kinds of bush herbs on top of the hot coals. This was covered with stringy bark and then dirt and left to cook for one hour ...

men around the bbq 

river side scene

this is Garrimala

this is Iggy and me looking at the sunset

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