Jun 4, 2012

sunday day trip

we went with two carloads including joseph bec bo to oyster bay ... jacob sailor iggy played in the surf with charles and jelulu (unsure on the spelling!) while the ladies made damper, tea and picked those delicious fresh oysters off the rocks ...  the menfolk - kade joseph dj and jerome - went hunting for mud crab and carving wood in buffalo country ... the road was alright - the drop off (a plummeting descent down the plateau's edge) was a test for joseph's new four wheel driving skills and the final few corners into the bay on soft sand had everyone squealing and a few jumping ship   .. but everyone made it  A N D  got out again ... 
 iggy and charles (above) run around so much that they both fell asleep on the sand at 4 o'clock
this  N E V E R  happens !

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  1. That's my favourite. Love to you guys