Mar 9, 2012

S T A N D    F O R   F R E E D O M

OK, so i am not one much for causes ...  and there are like a million on facebook everyday ... but this website and cause is all about where we live .. and so if for no other reason - watch it to see the video of the community we live in (its a bit from all around the NT but some yirrkala) OR watch it to see Dhalulu - who is Will's wife - she is speaking and she is a smart cool lady OR watch it and sign the petition because it is in actual fact a REALLY IMPORTANT PETITION and really is time for Indigenous people in Australia to have a voice that is listened to ... this morning a man up the hill hung himself .. a few weeks back I did a project with young kids who are petrol sniffing at 12 years old ( and the youngest caught was 8 years old )   It ain't pretty and from most accounts the intervention really did not help  ... I don't want to get all political so I  won't but have a look ... at least for the scenery!

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