Dec 2, 2011

We went to Oyster Beach for the day - with a car load of oyster lovers - sailor slept on the way (late night) getting energy for the big run around, swim and play for the day. Was a great day - the tide was super low so we were able to walk right around the back of the rocks and swim in the rock pools underneath the hollows in the rocks. . .  (prepare yourselves for a ton of photos ....)
cape arnhem
kanesha in her sand bed
charles in the sand
digging holes
stripy style
in the waves
a storm blew in around midday but we escaped with only a few rain drops and the sound of thunder
hunting crab
round the rocks to the oyster hunters
the ladies sit at the rocks and collect oysters for hours - filling up containers of them to take home
landscape !
the strangest thing is that I G G Y who will only eat meat, bread and cheese ( i have never seen a vegetable pass by his lips) just  L O V E S  rock oysters -  i can knock them off the rock for him and he'll sit and happily eat em up ... charles loves em too ... although i think in this photo he is drinking saltwater ... it was a cup fill of oysters at one time ...

swimming through the rockpools under the rock arches - tres cool
charles spotted a M A S S I V E crab hiding up under the rocks and so kade, man that he is, set about trying to capture and kill 
trying to stab it with a stick that kept breaking ... everyone was squealing and jumping around
until Watjumi wandered oh-so-casually over and knocked off its claws with a hammer ...
doesn't look so scary without its claws ... 
but still so Y U M
on the drive home we managed to not kill ourselves thanks to Kade's driving as the steering shaft on the Will's car decided that it would break as we drove 80kms an hour down the dirt road - we were flung off into the ditch but managed to miss all the trees and rolling over ... bloody lucky really ...  a little quiet sit on the side of the road while Kade went to get Rob's car and we were home ... the adventure never stops ...
waiting for someone to drive by and rescue us

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