Aug 1, 2011

we went to Cape Arnhem on saturday for a nights camping with jane and rob - convoy style .
Cape Arnhem is the bestest spot in the area and since only 10 vehicles are allowed in at one time not only is it beautiful but it is quiet and you can easily be the only people on the beach .. which we were.

We got a campsite - played at the beach, cooked fresh oysters off the rocks and had them with champagne, entertained the kids with a hammock,  a hand made swing, and sparklers,  ate roast chicken from the fire and slept a terrible nights sleep with the four of us in our tiny tent ...  it was just like a camping trip should be ... and to top it all off we got seriously bogged in the sand and almost tipped down a ditch on the way out ...

jane testing the waters

drive along the beach


swing made from drift wood and a dog's lead



morning swims
postcard pic 1

jane and iggy
rob spiritual leader
diggin while dog watches
spear fishing

postcard pic 2
afternoon snack
afternoon sleep

The Bog
saved by a tree
dug out, pulled out,   S A V E D 

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