Aug 4, 2011

on wednesday we got new tee-shirts delivered .... and then the Melbourne Cup turned up with an entourage of trainers, race board representatives and photographers so not only did we get to see the melbourne cup but we got to wear our matching tops and get a group photo taken ... hilarious moment  - there were speeches and all sorts....things like this happen all the time up here, its bizarre but true, like the ex-captain of the australian women's netball team Liz Ellis calling me a 'dirty kiwi' on TV ... buts thats another story ...
here are the photos of the melbourne cup and all of us at Buku
 the yolngu crew from left - jerome, watjumi, barrupu, neil, wanapa, nyayanyapa and  jamie

with the whole buku staff and garma volunteers included! jane, ranydjupi, barayuwa, sally, will, jerome, neil, kade, wanapa, dhamula, ishmail, jess, dave, lauren, katie
second row - vanessa, watjumi, barrupu, nyapanyapa, me, jamie, aimee and nina
and ROB on centre stage

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