Jul 30, 2011

when will i learn ....!!

We have been boxing up the prints for the Garma Festival this week  - a ex-yirrkala local Aimee has came up from Byron Bay to run the Gapan Gallery out in the bush as she did last year and the year before, and the year before that - you get the drift .. it is so GOOD to have an experienced capable helpful hardworking person on board and she is nice to boot , thats been fun.

HOWEVER  .. yirrkala being yirrkala and nhulunbuy being nhulunbuy and remote being remote , well that just spells trouble - after having lost all my gear in melbourne and waited on paper to arrive for a month and emails and faxes that for some reason don't get through you might think that i would have learned to double and triple check everything ... i mean - i DO double check everything but did i check the boxes ...?

NO ...

I ordered way back in april 30 boxes of tubes - these are used to roll up the edition and take to the gallery site in the bush and give to the punters -  the 30 boxes i ordered arrived in may and were paid for and collected by Wanapa and DJ and put in the big shed at housing where they have been sitting quietly until needed ... alas - after aimee and i paxked 15 boxes of tubes we could not find any more boxes of tubes ... 15 boxes missing ...
phone calls made-  

please note that i did not panic - i hardly felt alarmed - i have developed a huge talent for dealing with situations like this now ...

so the long and the short of it is that the 30 boxes ordered turned out to be only 16 and no-one at the PO counted them and I in my naivety did not either   (one assumes ....) and the next time possibly another 15 boxes could be delivered is 2 weeks ...

so we have had to unpack 15 boxes from previous years and re-package the prints from this year and it is all O K    but still ... another lesson learned   the hard way ... again

i must remember -
never A S S U M E
makes an A S S out of  U and M E


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