May 15, 2011

the weather has changed ...  literally overnight, from wet, sticky and hot to cool and dry with wind. It is quite something. We have been turning off ceiling fans and using moisturisers and sleeping under sheets...the dry season is here. The water is cold, the skies are clear and the washing dries in a day! Quite something...

Tomorrow is iggy's birthday. He has hit turning two by dropping his day sleep (badbadbad) (hopefully a phase he will go back please) and a trip to emergency with a lump on his head the size of a tennis ball from a mysterious fall. We have had to take to shutting the doors in the house because otherwise you turn your back and he is G O N E ... and he is Q U I C K ... the other day i found him down at the shop pushing his little pink toy pram around - completely naked. He went down the back steps in the dark the other night and we had a moment rushing around tripping over things and possible snakes till we found him.
He's a runner.

Today we are going to have a beach side fire and picnic, I have made a cake and some cupcakes which once again has confirmed that despite all my best intentions and blind belief that i can do it, baking really is not a strong point ....
 mutant cupcakes

i will post some photos later of the b-day boy

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  1. Happy second Birthday Iggy! Amory hopes you have an awesome day and he wishes he was there to give you a hug, help you eat cake and assist you with your latest escape plan!
    All our love and hope to see you soon miss Annie! xxxx Andrea