Aug 10, 2015

well , we just survived another Garma Festival and Gapan Gallery ...
some people may still not be talking to me for taking them to cape arnhem on the worlds bumpiest ride and then making them work like slaves for a week to enjoy the festival .... but they will forgive me one day ...
here is a big shout out to Zoe, Bronwyn, Donald, Heath, Andrea, Trina, Denise, Neil and of course, the forever organised wonderful Aimee for all of their phenomenal help before, during and after Garma. Without you guys, and the staff at Buku,  I would not be able to show off the beautiful prints made his year ... so thank you thank you thank you and thanks also for the laughs, dinners, BRF and your intolerance... i miss you all already ...
here is a just few pics of the massive time we have just had ...
Iggy and me walking on the hot salt plains after collecting 
mud mussels, cape arnhem
tropical crayfish caught especially for Zoe's bday
this is what the Gapan site looked like about 3 weeks ago - a lot of 
trees down post cyclone nathan - so a lot of clearing needed 
we got it to looking like this, but not without the annual gapan fight

before and after
hee hee

 we got up some ladders and hung some lights .... Donald got out the chainsaw , the boys moved trees
 until it looked like this

mawang and dindirrk labelling the art ...
we did a talk, some people come
 then it was all Garma festival activities, dancing, eating, listening and walking 
around ... the boys disappeared from 8am until 10pm and had a wonderful time...

 portrait of garma feet - it was good to get home on Monday night and 
have a really long hot shower ..... and wine .....
I will post some images of the prints next blog ....


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