Oct 3, 2014

we just got back from 5 days camping at Wathawuy - or Latram River -
its only 25 minutes drive from Yirrkala and so good!
we had the whole place to ourselves for the first three days

A Bower Bird had made his nest just next to the river bank 
quite an elaborate construction with all sorts of silver bits lining the 
entrance.  We spent lots of our time watching him as he tried to
lure in lady birds ....

Aside from that, and swimming, we did alot of camp cooking - including a slow roast lamb
( thanks for Bec and Jo turning up to help us eat that..)

and I made camp over scones ! With help from the boys
in the fire ... and out
cooked perfectly !  with jam of course ...
this is the kids favourite swimming spot - named 'the special spot '

somehow they ended up with matching outfits and 
did matching dance moves ...

the pack - up !

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