Oct 12, 2013

Among all the other things that have been happening - Kade joined one of the local AFL (footy) teams and I became an official WAG ... hah !
Footy is so so so HUGE in local community, the competition is fierce and the players are super fast .. Kade looked like a Big White Giant on the field 
I was totally unsupportive for the most part but I did get on board (finally!) for the last couple of games and even screenprinted flags and sewed banners for the Grand Final -  his team NGUYKAL played against GOPU on 21st September in the GF and for the occasion - Margot, Kade's mother - flew up from Melbourne  !  
the big day 
go dad
this lady was there supporting

WINNERS ! ! ! !
so yeah WE WON ! ! ! ! 
and Kade got a medal - he took Sailor up with him to collect
who wore it proudly for like, a week !
with nyapanyapa feeling proud

and then there was a big party that went all night long and right into the next day for some ... 
I went out as official WAG with Kade and with Kate M as support and together we had a very fun night - lots of pointing !
the cup !
it took 2 days to recover ,  ( being a WAG is so hard - hah ! )

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