Jul 15, 2013

S I G H T S E E - E R S !

We went to Bandalier National Park in New Mexico
It was very old
and very hot and very high 
But very interesting and we saw a coyote wander along the path too, which was very cool
Jewel, Djirrirra and Josette in her funny hat
ruins of a pueblo

steep steps
these are the homes of the Bandelier Pueblo - inside the rocks
this is Vera - our totally irrepressible and enthusiastic tour guide !
(married to Bill, master printer at Tamarind)

tourists !
coyote !

we stopped for lunch at this great diner .... 

For a couple of days we went to the scenic and famous Santa Fe
- which is all ADOBE architecture - not related to photoshop btw -
it is very pretty ! We went to galleries, and brought necklaces made from the local turquoise by local NA artists .. 
oldest house in New Mexico, adobe style 

dixie and me being goofy, this girl is a total goof ball and very fun
New Mexican food ... think the photo says enough really ... 

And after our two weeks in the high desert of New Mexico - which really was fabulous - Djirrira and I had 24 hours in LA where we saw the ocean again and green grass ! 
We were tourists on Santa Monica Pier and in a huge outdoor shopping mall, watching out for famous people of course ... 

australia is that way

we flew home that night - mega haul - was super good to be back -

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